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Toni Ann Johnson - cytaty

„Step Up 2. The Streets” (film) • #2246
It's not about what you've got. It's what you make of what you've got.
--- 2009-03-30 ---
„Step Up 2. The Streets” (film) • #2245
— I should never have let her in. It didn't benefit us in any way.
— Not everything we do has to benefit us. Some people, Andie in particular, do what they love just because. Isn't that why we started dancing in the first place?
--- 2009-03-30 ---
„Step Up 2. The Streets” (film) • #2244
I wanted to glide and spin and fly like they did. But it didn't come easy. My mom would tell me: „Don't give up, just be you, 'cause life's too short to be anybody else”.
--- 2009-03-30 ---
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