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Moriyama Daisuke - cytaty

„Chrno Crusade” (film) • #632
One cannot know true horror unless he sees it for himself, can he.
--- 2007-01-12 ---
„Chrno Crusade” (film) • #631
What's important is... to take a step... forward... even though you're scared...
--- 2007-01-12 ---
„Chrno Crusade” (film) • #630
You can't resolve everything by pulling a trigger.
--- 2007-01-12 ---
„Chrno Crusade” (film) • #629
It's a given that you're scared. You're dealing with monsters here. But the most important step is the next one. You must realize that even if you're scared, you still need to take a step forward.
--- 2007-01-12 ---
„Chrno Crusade” (film) • #628
If you let your emotions drive you, you will not be able to see things you normally could see.
--- 2007-01-12 ---
„Chrno Crusade” (film) • #627
We should do what we can do now.
--- 2007-01-12 ---
„Chrno Crusade” (film) • #626
We don't know what's going to happen in the future. And because of this, we shouldn't prolong our pain into the future.
--- 2007-01-12 ---
„Chrno Crusade” (film) • #625
Be happy when you're happy, be angry when you're angry, and cry it all out when you want to cry. You'd feel better after crying. I'm sure you'd be able to smile again. „It's painful to put everything on your own shoulders and force a smile...” Well, that's what they used to say to me.
--- 2007-01-12 ---
„Chrno Crusade” (film) • #624
Religious faith must be used to confirm intangible truths.
--- 2007-01-12 ---
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